A universal translation application for multiple platforms and devices.
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Lingua is a prototype for a universal language translation application that operates on various devices and platforms including modern desktop browsers, Android Devices (e.g. Nexus One), modern mobile browsers and even as a desktop app for Windows 7, Mac OS X and Linux.

Lingua was created for demos at JSConf EU and is not production ready (by design).


Clone the repo, then:

  sh node-deps  		# Requires http://github.com/isaacs/npm
  cd Lingua/server
  node app.js


  node app.js 30

This will call the YQL script for filling the CouchDB with some test data on a 30 minute interval.

Then navigate to http://localhost:3001/

Note: Currently, the CouchDB data store is hardcoded to my CouchDB on CouchOne.com. Change the values in app.js to your CouchDB.

Note: The phonegap.js file is for an Android version and therefore not pulling in as a submodule. You need different versions of the phonegap.js file for the various platforms.

Note: To build the Appcelerator Titanium desktop app, you will need to have Titanium Developer installed. Again, not pulled in as a submodule.

Note: To build the Android app, you will need Ant installed. Then, connect your Android device (or create/use your emulator) and execute the following commands:

  cd clients/android/lingua-phonegap
  ant debug install

For console.log() output, open up another terminal and execute:

  adb logcat PhoneGapLog:V *:S