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Dropbox Dillinger Plugin

  1. Create your app with dropbox:
  2. Create your dropbox-config.json. It needs to contain:
      "app_key": "YOUR_KEY",
      "app_secret": "YOUR_SECRET",
      "callback_url": "YOUR_CALLBACK_URL",
      "auth_url": ""

The values for app_key and app_secret can be obtained on the dropbox app page.

For callback_url, use http://yoursite/oauth/dropbox (or supply your own callback URL if you've created a custom route).

Optional configuration via environment

Set the following environment variables if adding dropbox-config.json may present a challenge (when deploying on Heroku for example)


Dropbox v1 to v2 Migration

If your app was previously set up to use the v1 Dropbox API via Dillinger, all you need to do to ensure the v2 upgrade will work with Dropbox is:

  • Ensure Allow implicit grant is set under your OAuth2 settings
  • Ensure Redirect URI` is set under your OAuth2 settings to point to your Dillinger instance
  • Ensure app_key and app_secret are present in your config and that the URLs are updated to the new endpoints
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