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Feature Request: Wiki page editing #39

aponxi opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Would it be possible for you to add wiki page repo option when importing from github? I would love to make this my full github editor :smile:


Does the Github API support importing files from their Wiki pages?


It is basically a repository, and you can see if the project has wiki (if has_wiki : true`). I haven't tried it but I read that it is possible to alter wikis via Github API since they are repos.


I have recent confirmation from GitHub support, that Wikis are not supported by the GitHub API. I failed trying to use the API before this confirmation. Even though wikis are really just other repos that are easily accessed with git, they are still not available via the API.


if and when support for pushing to github repos with dillilnger is added, I think it would be trivial to write to the wiki repo provided that we have a git url.


@glennschler thank you for the update. I wonder why it is not supported...

If we were to use git binary and not github API though, it would be possible to update the wiki. This might not be suitable for the hosting you have on right now; however, I think it might be something to think about if one were to use dillinger locally/or on a dedicated server to edit markdown files and update wiki.


Looks like a reliable js/node contributor has recently begun work on a git client library

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