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Tick is a todo list app running on Express and uses a custom version of Reqwest in the browser for XHR.

It writes your "Ticks" (todo list items) to a JSON file that is stored on your server.


I'm only currently supporting Chrome (and I believe Safari works) as this is just a personal project that I'm actually using.

If you want to fork and change it to support other browsers, I'll gladly take pull requests.


You need the following:

  • Node 0.4.7
  • Express 2.3.4
  • EJS (templating engine used)

Clone the repo. Duh.

Fire up the Express app

node tick/server/app.js

and navigate to http://dev:3300 in your browser (a virtual host is setup)


  • Add new ticks by pressing ENTER.
  • Save ticks by pressing TAB.
  • Press the question mark key - ? - to toggle the legend (it will slide up after 5 seconds).


  • Add offline support
  • Check for no items in list and change UI to reflect that.
  • Create modal/notification that says "Type question mark to reveal usage info." Add an option (cookie) to never show again.
  • Generate PDF?
  • Bundle it like a Titanium Desktop app?
  • Host it?
  • Add support for user accounts? Sign in with Github account.
  • Allow for creation of vanity URLs. (