An attempt to port the Readium Chrome extension to Firefox
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ReadiumJS Viewer for Firefox

This project implements the ReadiumJS Viewer as a Firefox add-on. (@danielweck and others started another implementation which we didn't notice before starting this -

How it's made:

Using the simplified, web-app only version of Readium from, this project shuffles things around to create a Firefox add-on by running cfx xpi from the Firefox command line tools. For reference, see and For development, cfx run from the root directory and a phantom Firefox browser should open with the extension icon available in the toolbar.

How it works:

  • Save the readium-js-viewer-firefox.xpi file from this repository. In Firefox, go to the Add-Ons panel, or enter about:addons in the url bar. Click the little gear icon and select 'Install Add-on from file', then select the readiumjs.kpi (FIX) file. You should now see the Readium icon. Have fun!
  • To add e-books, place them in the data/epub_content folder, and update the epub_library.json file to reflect the addition. Then, re-run cfx xpi to regenerate the xpi file, and re-add it to Firefox.

To Do:

  • Troubleshoot epub import feature so users don't have to manually add them
    • Firefox docs recommend storing user preferences in the user profile folder.
    • Our goal is to copy the imported epub there, store the epub_library.json there, and write the new entry into the json file.
    • However, we've been unsuccessful using various Firefox APIs to access the profile directory. When trying to get 'chrome' privileges in Firefox, we could not figure out how to successfully require('chrome') as the documentation shows, since that 'require' is a namespace collision with require.js! Have been hacking on this with @dfairaizl to try to namespace require.js according to its docs but can't get it working yet...
  • Use the git submodule instead of manually including the readium-js folder
  • Update localized messages.json files to reflect that this is not the Chrome extension or Chrome app version
  • Add build task to package the Firefox add-on as an xpi file
  • Submit pull request!
  • Submit to Firefox

Contributors: @joemerante, @bigbluehat and @dkurth at the Books in Browsers 2014 Hackathon