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TODO list

  • let me have ~git owned by root:root

  • gitosis-lint: check that the user account (e.g. git) looks valid

  • guard against *.pub files named or foo;

  • gitweb doesn't understand mappings, just visible/no, physical and logical path are always the same

    • maybe remove the whole mapping feature for good?
    • maybe create symlink trees to make mappings visible in filesystem?
  • use groups somehow to reduce typing for gitweb = yes

  • detect when repo actually ends in .git for projects.list (otherwise gitweb won't see it)

  • unit test projects.list generation in run-hook

  • ConfigParser does not guarantee ordering, rewrite all unit tests to assume sorted, fix code to sort

  • test with ssh://

  • gitweb knows about README.html, figure out how to generate from e.g. README.rst in gitosis.git

  • need to chgrp repositories www-data to make them accessible by gitweb

  • allow using git-cvsserver? - git-shell can now let users do cvs-compatible commits - ponder GIT_AUTHOR_NAME etc

  • move from"bar" % quux) to"bar", quux)

  • can't trust "~":

    [0 tv@musti ~]$ sudo python -c 'import os; print os.path.expanduser("~")'
    [0 tv@musti ~]$ sudo -H python -c 'import os; print os.path.expanduser("~")'
  • command line options

    • gitosis init --repositories=
    • gitosis init --config= (or whatever the option is elsewhere)
    • gitosis init --home= (for testing)
    • gitosis init --admin=username[@host]
  • gitosis-run-hook has to be in PATH and PYTHONPATH before you can push to gitosis-admin.git

  • make generated gitosis.conf read-only to discourage editing

  • maybe postprocess gitosis.conf to have a "# DO NOT EDIT" header?

  • git enhancement: "git init" should output to stderr, not to stdout

  • README says "when prompted", but those are INFO level log messages, not shown by default

  • rename keydir to keys, with backwards compatibility

  • get rid of username extraction from ssh key comment field, used only in gitosis-init