Shell script for wrapping External Hudson jobs (eg: cron jobs) and posting their results to Hudson
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Simple script for wrapping external Hudson jobs and sending their output to Hudson.

Best used for cron jobs.

This script originated here:

I added a few simple features:

  1) If a job doesn't exist in Hudson, it will automatically be created.
  2) Job names with whitespace are now supported (eg: "My Job #1")

  3) Supports authenticating to Hudson instances that require it
     - Set CURL_AUTH_OPTS environment variable, or hardcode into the script (see example in the script)
     - Be aware that this isn't the securest method, since your password could be read by someone on
       the same machine by examining the environment or looking at the script itself.

   $ hudson_wrapper testjob /path/to/
   $ hudson_wrapper testjob 'sleep 2 && ls -la'

example with authentication:
   $ CURL_AUTH_OPTS="--user myuser:pass" hudson_wrapper testjob /path/to/