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DotNetLightning: The utility to work with the Bitcoin Lightning Network (LN) in .NET


The main API is in DotNetLightning.Core project/assembly.


The package is compiled and published with three variants:

  • DotNetLightning
    • This does not use native bindings for cryptographic operations.
    • This is the one you want to use if you run your code everywhere, but possibly slower than below.
  • DotNetLightning.Core
    • This uses a pre-compiled libsodium for cryptographic operations.
    • It only supports windows, mac and linux environments.
    • This is what you want if you need performance and the environments above are the only ones you are planning to support.
  • DotNetLightning.ClnRpc
    • The wrapper for DotNetLightning which includes a Core Lightning Json Rpc Client and utilities for making your own plugins.

Run dotnet add package with the one you want.

Currently it is in beta, so you probably want to install a latest version by specifying it with --version. The version is prefixed with git commit hash and date. Please take a look at the nuget page.


See our API document for full features.