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Replacement activity indicator and circular progress 'bar'
Latest commit 6440cfb @joepasq Merge pull request #4 from ajbyrne/master
Fixed inconsistency in progress property (mixing float and CGFloat). Excellent, thank you.


Replacement radial activity indicator and radial progress view

Made with assistance from, thanks again!

How to use

  • To use in a project, copy JPRadialActivityIndicator.m/.h or JPRadialProgressView.m/.h, whichever you want, into your project.
  • Initialize with a default frame or add one after and add to the view hierarchy just like any other UIView.

JPRadialActivityIndicator has two ivars related to UI which are backingColor and highlightColor.

JPRadialProgressView has three relevant ivars which are emptyColor, fillColor and progress.

All files Xcode uses except JPRadialProgressView.m/.h and JPRadialActivityIndicator.m/.h are solely used for the demo project and unnecessary for the use of these two classes.

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