Creates a web-based desktop UI for Google Docs
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Google Web Desktop (not affiliated with Google, Inc.)

Creates a web-based desktop UI for Google Docs.

About the project


  1. Change the "next" parameter of to your URL.
  2. Copy the /googlewebdesktop directory to the desired location
  3. Point your browser to /googlewebdesktop/index.php

Note: PHP required for HTTP requests (developed with 4.1.2). There is nothing magic about these HTTP requests, but this PHP example was put together as a quick demo, as PHP is available on many web servers. Obviously, other languages can accomplish the same goal of using the Google Docs Data API to request a full document list.

How do the files work together?

  • api.php Accepts a POST request containing a valid session token, and prints the user's document list to the screen. Currently used as the target for AJAX requests to refresh the desktop after load.

  • docs.php Performs the actual HTTP requests to the Google Docs Data APIs.

  • index.php There are two div tags included which connect all these parts together. googleSessionToken - contains the session token after being upgraded. jsonFeedData - contains the full feed response to be parsed by the desktop.

  • javascripts/lightwindow.js This is a modified version of Provides functionality for the overlay which displays the document to be edited. When a document is closed, also fires a callback to update any icons which have been modified while the overlay has been active.

  • javascripts/desktop.js Handles the initialization and all updates to the desktop, including populating the desktop with icons from a JSON feed and polling api.php.

Supported browsers

Tested in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox (2.0, 3.0b2), Internet Explorer (6, 7), Opera (9), Safari (3.0).