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%% properties
%% events
194 CentralSceneEvent
%% globals
Version 1.0 (October 2019)
A LUA scene to rock your Fibaro Button!
Copyright (c)1992-2019 Joep Verhaeg <>
local buttonData = fibaro:getSourceTrigger()["event"]["data"]
local pressCount = tostring(buttonData["keyAttribute"])
if (pressCount == "Pressed") then
-- BEGIN 1x pressed
fibaro:debug("Button 1x pressed.")
elseif (pressCount == "Pressed2") then
-- BEGIN 2x pressed
fibaro:debug("Button 2x pressed.")
elseif (pressCount == "Pressed3") then
-- BEGIN 3x pressed
fibaro:debug("Button 3x pressed.")
elseif (pressCount == "Pressed4") then
-- BEGIN 4x pressed
fibaro:debug("Button 4x pressed.")
elseif (pressCount == "Pressed5") then
-- BEGIN 5x pressed
fibaro:debug("Button 5x pressed.")
elseif (pressCount == "HeldDown") then
-- Held down
fibaro:debug("Button held down.")
elseif (pressCount == "Released") then
-- Released
fibaro:debug("Button released.")
fibaro:debug("Error: unknown event data received!")
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