A google chrome extension for allowing challonge to send text messages
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Challonge Text Alert

This extenison alters the Challonge UI so you can send text alerts to players from the bracket page.


Download from the Chrome webstore.

Using a custom SMS gateway

If you would like to use your own server for the SMS gateway, follow these instructions.

Altering manifest.json

Chrome extensions force the developer to specify which URLs the extension is allowed to make requests to. This prevents extensions from sending user data to servers without the users permission. In the "permissions" options in the manifest.json file, you will see

"permissions": [

Change "http://twilio.joequery.me/sms" to the url of your endpoint.

The endpoint

In the extension options, you must specify the endpoint url. The extension sends a POST request to this endpoint with a Content-Type of application/json. There are up to three data values that will be sent with the POST request from the extension:

to: A phone number, or an array of phone numbers, that will receive the text message

body: The text message body

access_token: If you have provided an access token in the extension settings page, this will be sent.


    'to': ['5555555555', '9999999999'],
    'body': 'This is the text message sent to multiple numbers!',
    'access_token': 'SomeRandomString'

It is advised that your server require an access_token so not everyone will be able to send text messages on behalf of your twilio account in the event they discover your server url.

An example sms gateway

Here is an SMS gateway written with Python using the Twilio API: