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A dumbed down version of EasyMotion that aids navigation on the current line
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Stupid EasyMotion

Stupid EasyMotion is a fork of the popular EasyMotion plugin that only applies the target search to the current line.


This screencast covers how to install and use Stupid-EasyMotion



EasyMotion did too much to serve my needs effectively. I find navigating the lines of a document extremely easy thanks to the relative line numbering feature of Vim 7.3. Consequently, I felt the target characters created after the current line just added clutter. For example,

EasyMotion Example

(Image credit: Nettuts+)

I wanted a version of EasyMotion that only created target characters on the current line.

What does it look like?

Here's my cursor on a line before calling Stupid EasyMotion

Stupid EasyMotion Before

And After

Stupid EasyMotion After

How do I install?

Assuming your vim directory is located at ~/.vim, move the contents of autoload to ~/.vim/autoload, and the contents of plugin to ~/.vim/plugin.

How do I use?

The available commands are

  • <Leader><Leader>w - make every word a target
  • <Leader><Leader>W - make every space separated word a target
  • <Leader><Leader>fx - make every character x in the line a target

By default, your <Leader> key is "\"

If you don't like leader based commands, you can remap in your ~/.vimrc via

" Easymotion shortcut
map <C-O> <Leader><Leader>w
map <C-E> <Leader><Leader>W

I chose Ctrl-o and Ctrl-e because I never use those commands, but you can change it to whatever.

Can I use Stupid EasyMotion with normal EasyMotion?

Yes! If you have both EasyMotion and Stupid EasyMotion installed, Stupid EasyMotion will use the w, W, and f commands, but all other EasyMotion commands will be executed by the normal EasyMotion plugin.

Additionally, if Stupid EasyMotion overrides an EasyMotion command that you'd rather not have overridden, you can simply adjust the Default key mapping section of the plugin/StupidEasyMotion.vim file. For example, to free up the f mapping, change

" Default key mapping {{{
	call StupidEasyMotion#InitMappings({
	\   'f' : { 'name': 'F'  , 'dir': 0 }
	\ , 'w' : { 'name': 'WB' , 'dir': 0 }
	\ , 'W' : { 'name': 'WBW', 'dir': 0 }
	\ })
" }}}


" Default key mapping {{{
	call StupidEasyMotion#InitMappings({
	\   'w' : { 'name': 'WB' , 'dir': 0 }
	\ , 'W' : { 'name': 'WBW', 'dir': 0 }
	\ })
" }}}


Thanks to the EasyMotion team for providing a such a well written plugin. I know absolutely nothing about Vimscript, yet I was able to make these adjustments.

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