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mrbc playground

mrbc, the mruby compiler, is a utility provided by the mruby project. mrbc compiles your ruby program into byte code. The mruby project is still in preliminary stages, but they welcome issues and pull requests.

This project allows for quick/fun experimentation with the mrbc compiler by taking care of the compiler/linker options for you. A simple make, and your ruby code is transformed into an executable!

Operating System Requirements



Watch the codestream to see the installation process.

  1. First, download mruby.

  2. Build mruby.

     $ cd /where/you/downloaded/mruby
     $ make      

    (Note that make install is not currently provided by mruby . The build just happens within the project directory.)

  3. Now clone this repo:

     $ git clone git://
  4. Since the mruby project does not currently allow us to make install, we need to adjust the Makefile of the mrbc playground project to reflect where the mruby project resides on your system. Simply alter the first line of the Makefile to read

     MRUBY := /where/you/downloaded/mruby


Now, feel free to replace the contents of rubyfile.rb with basic Ruby code. At this time, I'm currently unaware of the specific limitations of mruby vs standard ruby, but you may likely encounter errors at some point.

After you've made your adjustments to rubyfile.rb, run

$ make

The resulting executable, rubyfile, can now be run.

$ ./rubyfile

How it works