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I run a decent amount, and record all of my runs on Strava.

I also enjoy listening to music and tracking all the music I listen to on

I thought it'd be cool if the playlist for my run was automatically synced to the run description, once I uploaded it, so I am building this application to do that, using AWS Lambda, API Gateway, and Flask. On the frontend I'm using react, redux, and redux saga as setup by react boilerplate.

This is not complete, or working yet, but it is getting close.


  • split up strava, spotify, stuff into their own files/modules.
  • change the models table names so they based on the environment.
  • clean up frontend
    • create a place to load user name and edit it.
    • add remove/disconnect buttons for spotify/lastfm/entire app.
    • add FAQ / getting started.
    • add activity level pages.
    • create preferences/user profile page.
  • ... everything else.


  • setup a better way of hosting the frontend using api gateway and s3 or cloudfront.
    • setup cloudfront directly in front api gateway
    • this should be pretty easy, we just won't cache post requests (and probably any requests to /api)
    • make sure that it caches frontend assets, but that there is a hash or manifest that doesn't get cached (or maybe a programatic way of purging the cache that we can call during the build process???)

New Plan Feb 2018

  • Okay this has gone on long enough, I need to make some progress.

Make this as dead simple as possible.

  • Sign up screen for strava, spotify, last fm.

  • Once connected, it just says, you have an account. And thats basically it. Nothing to configure at least at this point.

  • How it operates - gets a new activity update.

    1. looks for music on spotify first.
    2. if user has lastfm
      • looks for music on lastfm.
      • if no music on then schedule a task to look 3 days later. or maybe some simple schedule, 2 hrs from now, 6 hours from now, 12 hours, 24 hours, 24 hours, 24 hours,
    3. once it finds some music
      • edit the title to include emoji at the end of beginning or something
      • add the playlist
      • add a link to