Adding Accountability to 2b2t.
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Write Up:

Back when I played a lot of Minecraft I really enjoyed a server that had zero rules. Hacks were allowed and there were no consequences.As a result, finding people to build with was a tricky affair. There was no way of knowing rather or not somebody would destroy all of your stuff. Because of this, I created a tool to review different players.

Create an account

Sign up for an account at the home page or in the navbar.

Adding Players

Add in a new player and put in a username and a description. We fetch an image using a public minecraft API for different skins and scale it accordingly.

Wait for your player to be approved

To prevent spam we have several admins that can approve, edit, or delete posts. These admins have access to a bunch of other tools as well.

Review a player

Select a player that's already been added and then comment what you think of them.

User Groups

If you are a member of a supported group, please contact one of your groups managers and request to be added to their dashboard. Users Group dashboards contain highly personalized interfaces and private sources of information for group member eyes only. Group leaders have special tools to help moderate their groups dashboard.

Different User Ranks

There are all sorts of different ranks that give you access to different things on the webpage. is incredibly dynamic and changes to suit your ranks needs. It's main focus is a beautiful UI even if a Rank has few people in it.

How to use

Has someone done you wrong on the server? Make sure that everyone knows. Before there was no accountability for your actions. Before doing anything with anyone, look them up on here to make sure they are trustworthy.