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Using this package you can validate rules against a content package. At the moment it supports 2 different restrictions

  • check if a content package contains files which are not explicitly allowed
  • check for the existence of subpackages

Additionally to a pure reporting of collisions with these rules you can also break the build.

Standalone mode

provide the name of the content package via the "validation.filename" system property.

mvn de.joerghoh.maven:contentpackage-validation-maven-plugin:validate -Dvalidation.filename=<path_to_the_contentpackage> "-Dvalidation.whitelistedPaths=!/jcr_root/apps/.*\.jar"  -Dvalidation.breakBuildOnValiationFailures=true

This is probably the most often used mode; it allows you to scan a content package for jar bundles (full regular expression support!) and fail if there is one encountered. You can also check for multiple expressions at once:


Running as part of the build

The plugin can run as part of a maven build; in case any restriction triggers, it will be reported, but the build does not break. If the configuration setting "breakBuild" is set, the build will fail.

Example how to configure:



This configuration will disallow nodes in /libs and /content, but accept the META-INF directory (which is kind of boilderplate and should always be there).

Building regular expressions

The whitelistedPaths setting allows full regular expressions; you can build positive and negative statements like this:

  • positive statements (e.g. /jcr_content/apps/myapp/.*) make sure that certain conntent is allowed in a package.
  • negative statements (e.g. !/jcr_content/libs.*) make sure that any occurrence of paths matching that pattern will be considered as policy violations and reported.

Supported restrictions

At the moment the plugin supports these restrictions

  • path restrictions (system property: validation.whitelistedPaths, maven configuration: whitelistedPaths): A multivalue list of regular expressions, which are allowed.
  • subpackage restrictions (system property: validation.allowSubpackages, maven configuration: allowSubpackages): either "true" or "false"; if "false" any subpackage will be reported.

Dumping the content of a package

If you just want to dump the content of a package (including subpackages), use the "dump" goal:

mvn de.joerghoh.maven:contentpackage-validation-maven-plugin:dumpContent -Dvalidation.filename=<path_to_the_contentpackage>