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Fixed Kickstart script to not fail if index.html exists during move.

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joergrech committed Jan 26, 2014
1 parent b0f9e5c commit 8fc1032d44f6c742e1c790c0e256f9aeb9b0dd3f
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  1. +2 −2 scripts/Kickstart.groovy
@@ -33,8 +33,8 @@ target(kickstart: "Installs the Kickstart scaffolding templates and other files"
// copy view files into project
sourceDir = "${kickstartWithBootstrapPluginDir}/grails-app/views"
targetDir = "${basedir}/grails-app/views"
- ant.move(file: targetDir+'/index.gsp', tofile: targetDir+'/old_index.gsp')
- ant.move(file: targetDir+'/error.gsp', tofile: targetDir+'/old_error.gsp')
+ ant.move(file: targetDir+'/index.gsp', tofile: targetDir+'/old_index.gsp', quiet: true, failonerror: false)
+ ant.move(file: targetDir+'/error.gsp', tofile: targetDir+'/old_error.gsp', quiet: true, failonerror: false)
// ant.move(file: targetDir+'/layouts/main.gsp', tofile: targetDir+'/old_main.gsp')
copy(sourceDir, targetDir, "layouts & base GSPs files", code)

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