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Describe the sequence data you plan to use by specifying:
. What the sequences are representing and where they come from.
The Sequenzes are Log-Datas from a apache Web-Server. Every line represent a learning path in a e-learning-environments.

. Whether there is one sequence per case or multichannel sequences? In case of
multichannel sequences, specify to the following points for each channel.
one sequence per case.

. The nature of the sequences (Categorical? Chronological? State or event
sequences? ...,)
Chronological or event sequence

. The alphabet (list of symbols in the sequences).
{ Is there a natural order of the symbols (ordinal variable)?
. Size of the alphabet

{ If larger than 15, propose category mergings to reduce the size.
{ In case of numerical sequences, suggest a way to discretize the values into
15 classes or less.
I have 69 diferent sites in the e-learning environments and so i have 69 cases. 
. Number of sequences.
. Maximum and minimum sequence lengths.
1 to 690
. The kind of knowledge you expect to extract from your sequences. What are
you primarily interested in: sequencing, timing, duration, quantum?