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Simple Mac App handling OS X media keys that embeds the web app of Napster® or Rhapsody®.
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Uses the Napster/Rhapsody Platform (just embeds but is not endorsed, certified, or otherwise approved by Napster®/Rhapsody®.

What is this?

This simple Mac App just embeds the web app of Napster® ( using WKWebView. It listens for OS X media key events (Play/Pause, Next, and Previous) and converts them to the keyboard shortcuts that are used in the web app of Napster®.

Screenshot of App

Why this name?

Regarding the name of this app, Napster says: "It should not however, contain any affiliation with Rhapsody or Napster brands. Don’t start your application name with Rhap- or Nap- or end it with -sody or -ster."

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