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  • Changed jQuery to use noConflict to be more compatible with other frameworks.
  • Added setting files for Django 1.1 and Django 1.2.
  • Added short howto on getting the testproject up and running.


  • Fixed an issue with applications that add log entries to the tables before the unit tests are run, which caused unit tests for django-logdb to fail.


  • Fixed a problem with django-logdb test suite being used in a project with an existing logging configuration.
  • Updated testproject to Django 1.2.
  • Added the license (MIT) file (sorry Jacob).


  • Added templates for LogEntry in manifest file.
  • Fixed a problem that occurred when something other then a string was passed as a message.


  • Use int64-friendly field for storing thread ID (vvarp).
  • Fixed a problem with invalid characters passed as logging argument.


  • Aggregation of logs is now done in a transaction.
  • Changed templates to allow for easier customization.
  • Fixed an error in that occured with Python 2.5.
  • Added 2 new settings: INTERVAL and HISTORY_DAYS with the defaults as before.
  • Moved JS code from extrastyle to extrahead block in templates.


  • Updated README to include examples to serve the media.
  • Fixed a problem with saving objects or instances as log record arguments (picklefield).
  • Fixed a problem with unicode characters in the arguments.
  • Replaced library picklefield with JSONField and TupleField.


  • Removed Django as a requirement (although it's still required) to prevent conflicts with djangorecipe.


  • Fixed manifest to include changes.


  • Added template for LogEntry view.
  • Renamed templates to Django's default. You can still override them.


  • Initial release on PyPI.