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Wrestle Bee (aka: RestLB)

(Current phase: idea)

Wrestle Bee (Rest LB), an Erlang based load balancer configured via a REST

1. REST based configuration. This will allow anyone to create their own
interface for it, whether it's web based, or even a bash script using curl.

2. Easy configuration export. It should be as simple as possible to backup the
current configuration. By default a configuration export will dump a shell
script which will use curl to rebuild the configuration from scratch. There
will also be a JSON option, primarily to be used by interfaces and monitoring.

3. Dynamic. There should be no restarts necessary when configuring the sytem.

4. Scalable and redundant. By default this will be a system intended to run as
a cluster of nodes. Individual hosts will be aware of each other and be able to
take control of services in the event of a host outage within reason. For
example if NodeA is bound to for your website, and goes down, NodeB
if it's on the same subnet can bind that address, keeping your website up.

5. Extendable. The system will provide hooks to allow you to extend it. Say
for example you wanted to build http caching directly into an http listener.
Or a built in tool to provide monitoring and alerting based on health checks.

See the docs tree for current design documentation.