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HomeKit support for Wemo devices.

Currently this service only supports Wemo (outlet) switches and light switches. If it is a newer "insight" switch, power consumption is reported with characteristics that are compatible with the Elgato Eve app.

Once the device is paired with your iOS Home app, you can control it with any service that integrates with HomeKit, including Siri ("Turn off the Christmas tree") and Apple Watch. If you have a home hub like an Apple TV or iPad, you can control the device remotely.


The tool can be installed with:

go get -u

Then you can run the service:


The service will search for Wemo devices on your local network at startup, and even every 30 seconds afterward.

To pair, open up your Home iOS app, click the + icon, choose "Add Accessory" and then tap "Don't have a Code or Can't Scan?" You should see the Leaf under "Nearby Accessories." Tap that and enter the PIN 00102003. You should see one entry appear for each Wemo device on your network.


This code is fairly hacky, with some hardcoded values like timeouts. It also has limited device support.

Issues and pull requests are welcome. When filing a PR, please make sure the code has been run through gofmt.


Copyright 2017 Joe Shaw

wemo-homekit is licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for details.


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