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Hi Joe,

I came across the skeletor project a few days ago and realized that it wasn't too different from something that I was already doing. Instead of having yet another wrapper around hector, I figured I'd take what you've started with and make a few improvements to it.

Here's a run down of the things that I've changed:

  • sbt
    • I included the more capable sbt runner from paulp
    • added publishing support
    • refactored project structure to be a little more sbt/eclipse/maven friendly
  • made Cassandra.scala use Seq instead of the mutable ListBuffer
  • refactored some of Internals.scala to favor val over var
  • hid internal rows datastructure
  • create/delete keyspaces
  • create/delete/truncate column families

Let me know if you think it's worth merging some or all of these changes.



joestein commented Nov 22, 2011

Thanks Ray, this looks really good. There a handful of your changes that I am going to cherry pick into the project, much appreciated!!


joestein commented Dec 30, 2011

I added all of what I felt was relevant to the project and tagged it as, with some changes to get tests to pass, thanks!

@joestein joestein closed this Dec 30, 2011

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