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Facilitates tight integration between JSHint, CSSLint and Vim.

JavaScript and CSS files are passed through JSHint or CSSLint when a buffer is saved, placing any warnings in the quickfix window for easy navigation to the source of the warning. To achieve acceptable performance, Google's V8 Engine is used for JavaScript execution.


The following assumes you're using OS X and pathogen. Otherwise, refer to the full V8 documentation.

Install V8

svn checkout ./v8
cd v8
make dependencies
make native
sudo cp out/native/d8 /usr/local/bin
cd ..
rm -rf v8

Install our script

git clone ~/.vim/bundle/lint.vim


JSHint and CSSLint options can be configured with the following files:


Alternatively, you can specify an external location for these files in your .vimrc file:

let jshint_options_file = '/full/path/to/jshint/options.js'                              
let csslint_options_file = '/full/path/to/csslint/options.js'

If you're d8 executable is not in your classpath, the full path can be specified in your .vimrc file:

let d8_command = '/full/path/to/d8'

If you're not down with Dark Magenta, an error highlight color may be specified:

let jshint_highlight_color = 'DarkGray'

You can toggle the plugin on and off by the command:


This works on file (buffer) basis. You can set it off by default:

let lint_default = 0

You can also disable the plugin entirely:

let disable_lint = 1