Gather data on nearby wifi hotspots and associated them with a GPS location
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Gather data on nearby wifi hotspots and associated them with a GPS location


If you're using a raspberry pi, there's a script for installing dependancies via APT

  • Linux OS
  • GPS receiver
  • Software:
  • gpsd
  • nodejs v5 & npm


  • git clone
  • cd hotspotter
  • npm install
  • node start.js or npm start
  • Wait for a GPS fix, then wifi scanning should start
  • The file store.json will hold your results. This file will be loaded the next time you run
  • Run a local webserver in the root folder to get access to a google map with plotted results

To Do

  • Geolocate with USB GPS receiver
  • Scan wifi SSIDs nearby
  • Record of SSIDs with GPS location
  • Record whether wifi networks are protected or public
  • Adjust wifi location based on new data with stronger signal
  • Wait for GPS signal before logging any WiFi
  • Add a map UI for plotting the locations of found wifi
  • Add config file for setting Google Map API Key, and for future settings
  • Add configurable map filters
  • Add configurable map colour coding (e.g. Highlight public wifi)
  • Add configurable highlighting of specific wifi hotspots
  • Add conjoining of pins when overlapping occurs on map
  • Adjust wifi location based on signal strength, not connection quality