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Introduction The long-term goal of SAF token is to provide consumer loans and crypto-commerce on the blockchain, through a proven and well established as well as the safex title market found via the Safex app. SAFeth will be aiming to provide long and short term lending using collateralized crypto asset Safex token. The lending terms and length of duration will depend on the individuals collateral as well as how much SAF token is indebted against the Safex tokens. The individuals loans will bear different interest rates depending also on the same criteria of loan duration as well as the amount of collateral secured. The loans themselves due to the nature of the Safex token and Safex marketplace will introduce to a new type of collateralized lending known as self paying off lending whereas the asset secured has a built in dividends feature known as safex cash allows to re-compensate itself back in a controlled manner. Thus ensuring ALL lending will be payed back with interest on time always. This environment can also allow, due its nature to lend out more SAF tokens in USD than asset Safex token secured in USD. The highly creative technology has changed e-commerce into crypto-commerce very effectively so that we can create NO RISK HASSLE FREE PAYMENT FREE LENDING on the blockchain to all consumers. We will provide a web based platform for the locking in of Safex tokens to our clients that allows them at will to lock in their safex tokens and designates as the payee of the Safex Cash until loans terms have been satisfied. 1.2 SAFeth is headquartered in Pueblo, Colorado, a picturesque city located in Southern Colorado but will have a global reach/impact. 2.0 The Marketplace SAFeth will focus on its on a global market area, We have already established a place for crypto commerce to take place via and plan to continue to add to this by creating hundreds of thousands of items to choose from and offering token based discounts/incentives for using our SAF tokens to shop with on the market. 2.1 PRESALE/ICO The current financial plan for SAFeth is to obtain grant 1000 ethereum close to the amount of $350,000 equivalent in USD. The token presale will be used to purchase a hire development staff, obtain licenses, lease a building and equipment and etc. The major focus for funding is as follows:

  1. The token for a lending/loaning platform.
  2. Institute and launch a program to provide discounts to clients for shopping on our market.
  3. Hire developers and staff; the Company will look to hire veterans in the crypto community as well as bright new faces that can bring a competitive edge to our platform. 2.2 Objectives  To provide the collateral based lending to safex token  To build a fully functional marketplace that offers discounts on products and services to all safex tokens holders while still allowing other major crypto currencies to be use to be used to make purchase for goods and services on the platform.  Develop a sustainable collateral based lending token surviving off its own cash flow. 2.3 Mission mission is to provide the customer with consumer lending that is needed to facilitate leveraged collateral based credit. The market will exist to attract and maintain customers it will provide discount when shopping and create crypto-commerce. When it adheres to this maxim, everything else will fall into place. SAFeth tokens will exceed the expectations of its customers. The token will also work towards the development of creating the first ghosted transactions on the ethereum network over the long term. 2.4 Keys to Success • Excellent customer service to encourage client retention • High quality team of developers and programmers to create the lending platform. • Adherence to all local laws and regulations involving the lending of cryptocurrency. • Establish SAFeth token as a leader in lending through leveraged consumer lending. • Ensuring the privacy of ALL clients. • Maintaining security of the ALL assets. 3.0 Benefits for Consumers Consumers are defined as individuals or organizations that purchase products on via crypto-comnmerce on the marketplace. In the future, this will be extended to other future crypto-commerce marketplaces. Through SAFeth Platform, consumers will have access to a wide variety of consumer lending packages. to: • Use for consumer shopping on • Accommodate consumer to that need credit and can lock in safex tokens and leave locked in until the loan has been repayed. • Purchase good and services on the at discounts. • Loans duration may be subject to change due to the nature of Safex token and the Safex Cash dividends. An individuals dividends, may pay off the loans earlier than expectations. In this case the Safex token shall be released early and will be available for withdraw or for use towards another loan. • Loans will be limited per customer per account. Loans limitations will start off at one per verified customer thus we will implement a KYC on ALL lending accounts this doesn't mean you will only be able to shop after a KYC, in fact you can already shop now without KYC on • We are introducing consumer based lending on the blockchain and will be advancing with a decentralized application for both consumer loans and further extending eventually to accommodate business loans as well. • Often times consumers are denied loans from banks and credit card companies especially for consumer credit. • SAFeth will create bath a centralized & decentralized ethereum erc-20 based lending platform that will automate payments and lending for everyone. 4.0 SAFeth token will be used on the platform to incentivize consumers so that they are encouraged to engage in the shop. The SAFeth team will allocate 10% of the total pool of SAFeth Tokens (the development Incentive fund) for use by the SAFeth team to fuel the growth and performance of the platform. SAFeth tokens that are unsold during the Token Sale will be added to a SAFeth investment reserve for future airdrop distributions throughout the coming years to loyal token holders.
  4. 1 SAFeth Token Information for Token Purchasers • SAFeth Tokens will be sold by the SAFeth team during the Pre-Sale. • SAFeth Token is an ERC20-compliant cryptocurrency. • Token Purchasers will receive the SAFeth tokens in their web wallet as soon as the transaction containing their purchase is confirmed. However, they will not be able to send their SAFeth tokens to any other ERC20-compliant wallet until the Token Sale process is complete. • Upon completion of the Token Sale, Token Purchasers may transfer their SAFeth tokens from their web wallets to other wallets. During the Token Sale • Token purchasers that wish to purchase more than 100ETH worth of SAFeth tokens will need to follow a KYC procedure, please contact the SAFeth Founder Joey Crypto via the contact form provided on if this is the case. 4.2 Bonus Structure for Token Purchasers during the Token Pre-Sale The token’s pre-sale will commence at 00:01AM CST on 07 November 2018 and conclude when all tokens have been sold or on CST on 31 December 2018. All token purchasers of SAFeth tokens during the period of the token pre-sale will receive a 30% bonus in SAFeth tokens. The token pre-sale is limited to the first USD$200,000 sent. 4.3 Bonus Structure for Token Purchasers during the Token Crowdsale The Token Crowdsale will commence at 11:59AM CST on 05 January 2018 and conclude at23:59PM CST on 31 February 2018. All token purchasers of SAFeth tokens during the period of the token pre-sale will receive a 10% bonus in SAFeth tokens. The token pre-sale is limited to the first USD$200,000 sent. 4.4 Structure of Distribution The structure of the Token Sale is shown below. The total hard cap is USD$200,000 for the pre-sale and $200,000 for the Crowdsale. The total soft cap is USD$100,000 for the pre-sale and $100,00 for the Crowdsale. The SAFeth token sale aims to raise funds sufficient to achieve our objectives and not excessive amounts. Token Sale Structure Token Supply 12,000,000 Rate per SAFeth Coin USD 0.20 Token Distribution Purchasers 70% distributed over 8 years Marketing 20% SAFeth Team 10%
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