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BIN = ./node_modules/.bin
SRC = $(wildcard src/*.js)
LIB = $(SRC:src/%.js=lib/%.min.js)
# build: $(LIB) dependencies
run: dependencies
@NODE_PATH=lib node index.js
minify: $(LIB) dependencies
test: dependencies
@npm test
autotest: dependencies
@npm run-script autotest
watch: dependencies
@npm watch
start: dependencies
@npm start
stop: dependencies
@npm stop
restart: dependencies
@npm restart
example: dependencies
@npm run-script example
@rm -rf node_modules
@rm -rf lib
@sudo npm install -g `pwd`
@npm publish
dependencies: node_modules
@npm prune
@npm install
@npm dedupe
@echo 'Usage: make [options] [target]...'
@echo ''
@echo 'Targets:'
@echo ' run run the package main script.'
@echo ' minify produce minified versions of the sources.'
@echo ' test run the package test script.'
@echo ' autotest run the package autotest script.'
@echo ' watch run the package watch script.'
@echo ' start run the package start script.'
@echo ' stop run the package stop script.'
@echo ' stop run the package stop script.'
@echo ' example run the package example script.'
@echo ' clean remove the node_modules subdirectory.'
@echo ' install globally install the package on the system.'
@echo ' [requires sudo rights]'
@echo ' publish publish the package.'
@echo ' dependencies install package dependencies.'
@echo ' help show this help.'
@echo ''
@echo 'For possible options use "make --help".'
node_modules: package.json
lib/%.min.js: src/%.js
$(call uglifyjs)
define uglifyjs
@mkdir -p $(@D)
$(BIN)/uglifyjs --mangle sort=true,toplevel=true \
--reserved '$,_,require,exports,modules' \
--compress \
--screw-ie8 \
--output $@ \
.PHONY: run minify test example clean install publish dependencies help