simple jquery flot plugin to show bar numbers in bar graph
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For working examples checkout


simple flot plugin to draw bar numbers in bars, simply add

series: {
    bars: {
        numbers: {
            show : boolean or function

If show is a function it will be used to format the numbers inside the bars.

There are other additional options

series: {
    bars: {
        numbers : {
            show : boolean,
            xAlign : null or function like function (x) {return x + 0.5;}, (if null, the text is in the middle)
            yAlign : null or function like function (y) {return y + 0.5;}, (if null, the text is in the middle)
            font : {size : number, style : string, weight : string, family : string, color : string},
            rotate : number (representing degrees)

By default numbers will be positioned in the center of the bars, but you can specify a function to override this behaviour. If you have a horizontal bar chart, these 2 functions will switch round the axes they are working on.

This plugin is working well with zooming and panning (navigation plugin) too.


Many thanks to these wonderful people