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= Cerberus Changelog
== Version 0.7
New config options, Bazaar SCM support, bugfixes
* added support for bazaar scm
* fixed bug with ActionMailer 2.3.3
* added 'build_dir' option for setting custom build directory
* added 'setup_script' option for a custom script to be run before build command
* Projects using the Git SCM were not getting the full diff output in their
== Version 0.6
New Ruby builder, bugfixes, and refactoring
* added new Ruby builder for using custom ruby scripts to build projects
* fixed issue with require explicit version of the twitter4r gem
* refactoring and cleanup of the git SCM code
* some cleanup of the 'cerberus status' command output
* only check for process exit status or abort message for ruby_base builder
== Version 0.5
Bugfixes and Ticket Support
* git branch support
* updates to maven2 config support for custom builder options
== Version
Bugfix for ticket #6
* Ruby 1.8.7 SMTP lib changes from Ruby 1.8.6
== Version 0.4.5
Update to Maven2 builder
* Fix potential cerberus failure due to missing file
== Version 0.4.4
Custom Publisher Support
* Added ability for users to create and use their own publishers with the Cerberus build system
== Version 0.4.3
Custom Builder Scheduling
* Added at_time project config option to schedule when project is built via "cerberus buildall" command
== Version 0.4.2
RSpec builder bugfixes
* Fixed bugs with rspec builder not giving correct error count
* Extracted rspec-specific code to the rspec builder
== Version 0.4.1
Minor bugfixes
* Fixed potential Git version issue when updating repository
* Fixed problem with rspec builder always returning false even when build was successful
== Version 0.4.0
Git, Twitter support
* Added support for publishing to Twitter
Usage: add the following to your project config
login: twitter_login
passwordd: twitter_password
* Git is now supported as an SCM
Usage specify SCM=git for the Cerberus add command
cerberus add PROJECT_URL SCM=git
* Several minor bugfixes
== Version 0.3.6
RSpec, Gmailer support
* Added out of box support of RSpec tests.
Usage: add to your project configuration following config
task: test
* Config files now preprocessed by ERB, so it is possible to use dynamic configuration like below
username: <%= ENV['MY_MAIL_ACCOUNT'] %>
password: <%='~/.secret_password') %>
* Added support of sending mails using gmailer ( instead of plain mailer sender.
It would be helpful if you are in corporate environment with proxy and only 80 port is open for communication.
Usage is standart
Configuration options for gmailer are:
:username, :password, :proxy_host, :proxy_port, :proxy_user, :proxy_pass
* Remove to_xs helper. Using one from actionsuport
== Version 0.3.5
Bug fixing
* Use smpt_settings config option instead of server_settings for ActionMailer
* Fixed problem with incorrect state for output messages [cerberus bug #8682]
== Version 0.3.4
Added Cerberus hooks that allow running custom tasks on build finish
* Fixed bug with Cerberus::Util spotted by Mohamemd Alvi
* Added possibility to add hooks on Cerberus executions. Configuration file format for it is
on_event: successful, setup #by default - run hook for any state
action: 'export CERBERUS_HOME=/home/anatol && sudo chown www-data -R /home/anatol/cerberus && rcov' #Add here any hook you want
== Version 0.3.3
Major changes
* Fix Const load problem with Rails 1.2RC1
* Correctly implement Jabber publisher using XMPP4R library
* Upgrade Webgen to 0.4.1
* Added 'getting better/worse' to build messages' subject
* Added possibility to configure events on what you would like to receive messages.
By default used 'default' events. It means all except 'successful' state.
You could set to this options list of any valid states such as [broken, failed, revival, successful, setup] or predefined sets as
[all, default, none].
You could configure by setting :on_event option to :publisher options branch, or to concrete publisher configuration.
In case if this option added both to :publisher and :publisher,<PUBLISHER> then concrete configurations wins.
Examples of configuration
on_event: broken, revival
on_event: all
#nothing here
In given example we would send messages about ALL events by mail and only messages about brokeness and revivalness by Jabber.
== Version 0.3.2
Added Perforce SCM support
* Added support of Perforce
== Version 0.3.1
Added BJam builder support
* Use lazy loading of cerberus components (publishers, vcs, builder)
* Show Cerberus home in Help
* Added 'list' command that shows names of all *active* projects
* Added BJam building tool
== Version 0.3.0
Fix release
* Added support of Campfire publisher
* Added changeset_url option that adds quick link to browsable chanelist view
* Added possibility to specify user_name and password for Subversion commands
* Added support of Darcs VCS
== Version 0.2.4
Features release
* Fix problem with TLS hack. Now possible to send to SSL and vanilla mailservers without modifying code.
* Added rant support ( [Xavier Shay]
* Fixed escaping of code in RSS publisher [Xavier Shay]
* If we have only builder or publisher in configuration then use it. Param :type made mandatory.
== Version 0.2.3
Features release
* Added Lock files that prevent from mutiply build of the same project by several different processes
* Added multythread build for 'buildall' command. Now if one of threads froses (for example because of SVN repo is broken) then other threads would continue execution.
* Added possibility to send to gmail host using GMailer library
* Added --force oprion that would be helpful if you want to rebuild project even if there are no changes in VSC.
Use 'cerberus build --force my_project'
* Added site for Cerberus project.
* From now all builds logs their build data. It would be switched off by :log/:enable => false in configuration file
== Version 0.2.2
Minor fix release
* Make rake executable recongnition process less verbose
* Refactored builder mecahnism in Cerberus. Now adding new Builder possible in much more easiest way
* Added Maven2 builder
* Add possibility to specify Builder type on application creation by BUILDER=xxx option
* Process correctly folders locked by SVN
== Version 0.2.1
Minor fix release
* publisher -> active flag now not mandatory. Use 'mail' publisher as active if not set any
== Version 0.2.0
Config file was changed since 0.1.1 and you need regenerate config files.
Or change it by hands: see doc/OPTIONS file to list of all avalable options.
Changing required by advanced publishing mechanism. Now it is possible to add several published to one project.
Also added 3 new publishers.
Jabber Publisher - all notification sended via Jabber server
IRC publisher - messages sent to IRC channel
RSS Publisher - result of build Cerberus writes to file in RSS format.
This feature would be useful for big open project when many users would like to see results of test-run.
If you publish results as RSS - then any user could subscribe to channel.
* Added automatic subversion cleanup to avoid repository locking after Cedrberus process termination
* Added Jabber publisher
* Added IRC publisher
* Added RSS publisher
== Version 0.1.1
Minor improvements
* Added 'buildall' command that build all projects added to Cerberus repository.
* Fixed tests on *nix
== Version 0.1.0
Initial version of Cerberus tool
* Implemented basic functionality required by Continuous Integration.
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