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A sample app illustrating the proper way to use chef.
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This is a sample application used to illustrate how to use chef-solo and bundler and vagrant.  

In four commands, you download a new linux VM, configure it with chef-solo, and start up a REE/Sinatra/Unicorn/Bundler iPhone mirror of

You can then edit the chef cookbooks, run one command, and watch the VM use the new cookbooks.


1.  Install Virtual Box.

2. Checkout source code to project
git clone git:// && cd fixienews

3. Install vagrant gem and download Ubuntu 10.04 (lucid)
gem install vagrant
vagrant box add lucid32

4. Start the vagrant box, runs chef-solo, starts up the services
vagrant up

And that's it!  Go to to view it.  Preferably with an iPhone.

The key files to look at:

You can now edit the recipe file and run "vagrant provision" in the root project directory, and you can see how the cookbooks will run.

The gems (nokogiri, rack, unicorn, sinatra) have been bundled in the vendor directory via bundler 1.0.  No installation of the gems is necessary on the VM -- the only gem that's necessary to install is bundler (and it's installed via chef).
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