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Cool Form Handling Overview

I've started on the code here:

For each of your html forms, you'd define a form handling class
and include the Joe::Rocks::FormStuff module into it.

This class is an interface / layer between ActionController
and your Models (or whatever you are saving the data to).
You could just send an email after they submit the form.

After you submit the form, the values you submit are put
into a gzip'd encoded cookie with json in it.
This allows us to access the stuff you entered earlier.

When you submit the next form (or the same form again),
the values you submit are merged into the already-submitted
form values that are saved in the cookie.  So, you could submit
an ajax request that only has one form attribute, and it would
merge that one attribute with the other stuff you already submitted

We use the standard ActiveModel::Validator stuff.  The
validation_scopes allows us to scope validations, so
we'd only run the validations for certain attributes.

ActiveModel would be the only dependency, by the way.

The other files in this project are a taste of what
this could look like.  Still looking for a good project
name, by the way.

This is pretty similar to the Presenter Pattern as described
by Jay Fields, by the way.

??? WHY ???

Moving the form logic to a separate class has a ton of advantages:

* Keeps the controller really simple.  

* Makes it easier to test. You can write tests directly against the form handling class.

* Classes should do one thing.

* You can have complex validations.

* Your ActiveRecord models can probably become simpler.

* Since the form handling logic is encapsulated into one class, you can use 
  inheritance, modules, etc.

* You want to move away from ActiveRecord? It's no problem -- just change how the 
  form values are saved in the #save method.