Simple lib to track events in Mixpanel service. It can be used in any rack based framework.
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What is Mixpanel (the service) ?

Mixpanel is a real-time analytics service that helps companies understand how users interact with web applications.

What does this Gem does?

  • Track events with properties directly from your backend.

  • Track events with properties through javascript using a rack middleware.

How to install?

gem install mixpanel

How to use it with a Rails application?

In your environment config file add this. do |config|

  config.middleware.use "Mixpanel::Tracker::Middleware", "YOUR_MIXPANEL_API_TOKEN"

If you want to use the asynchronous version of Mixpanel's javascript API do |config|

  config.middleware.use "Mixpanel::Tracker::Middleware", "YOUR_MIXPANEL_API_TOKEN", :async => true

In your application_controller class add a method to instance mixpanel.

before_filter :initialize_mixpanel

def initialize_mixpanel
  @mixpanel ="YOUR_MIXPANEL_API_TOKEN", request.env, true)

Then in each request you want to track some event you can use:

To track events directly from your backend…

@mixpanel.track_event("Sign in", {:some => "property"})

To track events after response with javascript…

@mixpanel.append_event("Sign in", {:some => "property"})

To execute any javascript API call

@mixpanel.append_api("register", {:some => "property"})
@mixpanel.append_api("identify", "Unique Identifier")


There are two forms of async operation:

  • Using MixpanelMiddleware, events are queued via Mixpanel#append_event and inserted into a JavaScript block within the HTML response.

  • Using…, …, true), events are sent to a subprocess via a pipe and the sub process which asynchronously send events to Mixpanel. This process uses a single thread to upload events, and may start dropping events if your application generates them at a very high rate.

Deprecation Notes

For a short term this method will be accepted but it will be deprecated soon.

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