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# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.112 2007/12/28 20:30:46 darcy Exp $
COMMENT= Multimedia utilities
SUBDIR+= RealPlayerGold
SUBDIR+= acidrip
SUBDIR+= alevt
SUBDIR+= avidemux
SUBDIR+= dirac
SUBDIR+= divxplayer
SUBDIR+= dumpmpeg
SUBDIR+= dvd-slideshow
SUBDIR+= dvdauthor
SUBDIR+= dvdbackup
SUBDIR+= dvdrip
SUBDIR+= dvdstyler
SUBDIR+= dvdview
SUBDIR+= ffmpeg
SUBDIR+= flashplayer
SUBDIR+= fxtv
SUBDIR+= ggrab
SUBDIR+= gmencoder
SUBDIR+= gmplayer
SUBDIR+= gnash
SUBDIR+= gnome-media
SUBDIR+= gopchop
SUBDIR+= gst-plugins0.10-bad
SUBDIR+= gst-plugins0.10-base
SUBDIR+= gst-plugins0.10-dvdread
SUBDIR+= gst-plugins0.10-ffmpeg
SUBDIR+= gst-plugins0.10-gnonlin
SUBDIR+= gst-plugins0.10-good
SUBDIR+= gst-plugins0.10-mpeg2dec
SUBDIR+= gst-plugins0.10-ogg
SUBDIR+= gst-plugins0.10-theora
SUBDIR+= gst-plugins0.10-ugly
SUBDIR+= gst-plugins0.10-xvid
SUBDIR+= gst-plugins0.8
SUBDIR+= gst-plugins0.8-dvdnav
SUBDIR+= gst-plugins0.8-dvdread
SUBDIR+= gst-plugins0.8-mpeg2dec
SUBDIR+= gst-plugins0.8-ogg
SUBDIR+= gst-plugins0.8-theora
SUBDIR+= gst-plugins0.8-xvid
SUBDIR+= gstreamer0.10
SUBDIR+= gstreamer0.8
SUBDIR+= gtranscode
SUBDIR+= gxine
SUBDIR+= kaffeine
SUBDIR+= kdemultimedia3
SUBDIR+= kmplayer
SUBDIR+= libassetml
SUBDIR+= libdv
SUBDIR+= libdv-tools
SUBDIR+= libdvbpsi
SUBDIR+= libdvdcss
SUBDIR+= libdvdnav
SUBDIR+= libdvdplay
SUBDIR+= libdvdread
SUBDIR+= libflash
SUBDIR+= libflashsupport
SUBDIR+= libmatroska
SUBDIR+= libmp4v2
SUBDIR+= libmpeg2
SUBDIR+= libmpeg3
SUBDIR+= libnms
SUBDIR+= libogg
SUBDIR+= libtheora
SUBDIR+= lsdvd
SUBDIR+= mencoder
SUBDIR+= ming
SUBDIR+= mjpegtools
SUBDIR+= mkvtoolnix
SUBDIR+= mmg
SUBDIR+= mpeg-lib
SUBDIR+= mpeg4ip
SUBDIR+= mpeg_encode
SUBDIR+= mpeg_play
SUBDIR+= mplayer
SUBDIR+= mplayer-plugin-firefox
SUBDIR+= mplayer-plugin-firefox-gtk1
SUBDIR+= mplayer-plugin-seamonkey
SUBDIR+= mplayer-plugin-seamonkey-gtk1
SUBDIR+= mplayer-share
SUBDIR+= ns-flash
SUBDIR+= ogle
SUBDIR+= ogle_gui
SUBDIR+= ogmtools
SUBDIR+= openquicktime
SUBDIR+= p5-xmltv
SUBDIR+= php-ming
SUBDIR+= py-gstreamer0.10
SUBDIR+= py-ming
SUBDIR+= realplayer-codecs
SUBDIR+= regionset
SUBDIR+= replex
SUBDIR+= ruby-ming
SUBDIR+= smpeg
SUBDIR+= smpeg-xmms
SUBDIR+= subtitleeditor
SUBDIR+= swfdec
SUBDIR+= swfdec-gtk2
SUBDIR+= totem
SUBDIR+= totem-xine
SUBDIR+= transcode
SUBDIR+= vlc
SUBDIR+= vlc07
SUBDIR+= vls
SUBDIR+= win32-codecs
SUBDIR+= x264-devel
SUBDIR+= xanim
SUBDIR+= xawtv
SUBDIR+= xfce4-mpc-plugin
SUBDIR+= xfmedia
SUBDIR+= xine-lib
SUBDIR+= xine-ui
SUBDIR+= xvid4conf
SUBDIR+= xvidcore
.include "../mk/misc/"
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