Native, skinnable scrollbars in jQuery.
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jScrollie is a lightweight jQuery plugin that allows you to skin your scroll bars. I wrote it because most of the js scroll bar solutions I had seen felt sluggish and non-native. jScrollie works by pushing the original scroll bar behind a div with overflow-x set to hidden, which lets you maintain your original scrolling mechanism. A "fake", HTML-based scroll bar is then generated and placed where the user expects the original scroll bar to appear.

jScrollie is based almost entirely on

You can see a demo here:

== Version Log ==

  • April 26, 2011: v0.1
    • works on latest versions of Safari, Chrome, and FF
    • (timeout?) bug causes scroll to eventually become extremely
  •  sluggish on Chrome
  • June 29, 2011: v0.5
    • major code refactor, eliminated need for setTimeout call
    • works on IE8+, Safari 2+, FF3.0+, Chrome 1.0+
    • next release: embedded jScrollie rather than only around
    • problems: no longer supports dynamic resizing (must do manually)
  • @author Joe Vennix