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Playing with Arduino and AVR hardware
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New IP address

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Joe Walnes authored
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blinky-vanilla-avr Add blinky example that uses vanilla AVR operations (not Arduino libr…
blinky More makefile simplification
common Nordic key fob to HTTP bridge
glowy-clock Fix up time schedule
irdecoder Add raw irdecoder example from ladyada
irremote-dump Added IRSend example from IRRemote library
irremote-send Sorta working
lcd-hello Added LCD example using NewSoftSerial library from
lib Real time clock example code:
myremote-wifi Fix formatting
myremote Pause long enough for TV to wake up when powering on
nordic-hello App that receives codes from Noric 2.4GHz RF fob.
nordic-to-http New IP address
rtc-clock-set Real time clock example code:
rtc-clock Real time clock example code:
serial More makefile simplification
shiftbrite Added docs for shiftbrite glowy thingy
wifi-webserver Added WiShield library
.gitignore Add Arduino source to git
Makefile Build remote project as make all


Edit common/ to set Arduino specific settings

==== Building ====

From the specific project sub directory:

  make compile : Compile app into AVR .hex file (Default make rule)
  make upload  : Upload .hex to Arduino
  make serial  : Connect to device serial port
  make clean   : Delete compile output

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