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Write with those green dots on your GitHub profile
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Green dots!

Write on your GitHub profile!

Work in progress. You shouldn't use it. Also, even if it wasn't a work in progress, you shouldn't use it. Just don't use it. I'm sorry.

This takes a message, encodes it to a simple bitmap font, and generates a bunch of git commits in the past. To make your profile look like this:

Example profile

See it for realz:

10 second tutorial

Use to generate a shell script with your commits in.

$ mkdir ../my-repo
$ ./ "Yo yo!" > ../my-repo/

You only have 6 characters that can be displayed. Make it count.

Then run that script to create a repo. This will generate lots of commits in your new repo.

$ cd ../my-repo
$ bash

Now create your repo on and push it. It'll take a minute or two, but you should now see your message in your profile at

Cleaning up

To remove this nonsense, just delete your repo from github.


This is ridiculous. Go away.

GitHub - sorry about this. Please don't ban my account.

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