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Latest commit 1fa2c45 Joe Walnes Add 'Attach Jar SOURCE Directories' feature to module setup.
Similar to 'Attach Jar Directories', this feature allows you to directories (e.g. lib/src) that contain source jars/zips. This directory will be watched, and any new source jars added will automatically be associated with class jars.

This is convenient if you already have many class and source jars already organized on your file system (perhaps by an external build tool) and don't want to change your IDE configuration everytime a file is added/removed/renamed.


Implementation notes:

* I changed the signatures of some methods, but in every case I've ensured there old signature is still supported for API backwards compatibility.

* Supports both .iml and .idea directory project configs.

* The <jarDirectory> element now has an additional type="SOURCES" attribute to differentiate the OrderRootType.

* It also supports a directory being both a Jar Dir and Source Jar Dir.

* Although there is no UI to support it, the API now allows directories of any OrderRootTypes (e.g. Annotations, JavaDoc). It should just be a case of adding a button to support these.
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.idea remove Gant library
RegExpSupport replace HighlightSeverity.INFO usages with weak warnings; deprecate api
bin restarter quotes parameters with spaces (IDEA-63584)
build new mac java app stub
colorSchemes applied transparency to invisibles
community-resources 2011
images notnull
java Add 'Attach Jar SOURCE Directories' feature to module setup.
lib kill process tree under windows using winp library (IDEA-63833)
license kill process tree under windows using winp library (IDEA-63833)
native restarter quotes parameters with spaces (IDEA-63584)
platform Add 'Attach Jar SOURCE Directories' feature to module setup.
plugins remove option to ignore library overrides and ignore all overrides al…
resources-en inspection descriptions: remove table completely (IDEA-63076)
resources prefer final over finalize()
samples FileTypeManager#isFileIgnored(VirtualFile)
tools/lexer removed deprecated in Idea 6 method FlexLexer.reset(CharSequence, int)
xml do not strongly hold tree to avoid leak
.gitattributes Added .gitattributes with crlf flag for module and project files.
.gitignore ignore OS X .DS_Store matadata
LICENSE.txt license.txt
build.txt branch number = 104
build.xml gant, jps and groovy updated
community-main.iml CE main module dependencies fixed
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