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A tool to quickly generate Fritzing components.

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Fritz-o-matic: A simple part generator for


This is a web-app that simplifies the process of generating a generic IC component that can be re-used in Fritzing.

Fritzing is a great tool for creating bread-boarded electronics designs, schematics, and PCB layouts - assuming you have the necessary components. Unfortunately, building components is still a fairly tedious and messy process. This script automates that.


Goto to build and download your own component.


This is only if you need to make changes to the application itself.

The application is hosted on Heroku Cedar Stack.


pip install -r requirements.txt # installs required libraries
# Also, see to install Heroku toolbelt

To run locally:

make run
# Navigate to http://localhost:5000

To deploy live, to :

make live

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