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A really really really tiny and simple no-hassle C unit-testing framework.


  • No library dependencies. Not even itself. Just a header file.
  • Simple ANSI C. Should work with virtually every C or C++ compiler on virtually any platform.
  • Reports assertion failures, including expressions and line numbers.
  • Stops test on first failed assertion.
  • ANSI color output for maximum visibility.
  • Easy to embed in apps for runtime tests (e.g. environment tests).

Example Usage

#include "tinytest.h"
#include "mylib.h"

void test_sheep()
  ASSERT("Sheep are cool", are_sheep_cool());
  ASSERT_EQUALS(4, sheep.legs);

void test_cheese()
  ASSERT("Cheese is tangy", cheese.tanginess > 0);

int main()
  return TEST_REPORT();

To run the tests, compile the tests as a binary and run it.

2010-2014, -Joe Walnes

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