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@@ -23,6 +23,11 @@ that information using HAProxy's PROXY protocol. In this way, backends
who care about the client IP can still access it even though `stud` itself
appears to be the connected client.
+Thanks to a contribution from Emeric at Exceliance (the folks behind HAProxy),
+a special build of `stud` can be made that utilitizes shared memory to
+use a common session cache between all child processes. This can speed up
+large `stud` deployments by avoiding client renegotiation.
Requirements and Limitations
@@ -110,3 +115,6 @@ Contributors:
* Denis Bilenko -- HAProxy PROXY protocol support, chroot/setuid
* Joe Damato -- Diffie-Hellman parameter loading
* Benjamin Pineau -- Chained cert loading, various fixes
+ * Carl Perry/Dreamhost -- IPv6 PROXY support
+ * Emeric Brun/Exceliance -- Session resumption and shared-memory
+ session cache

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