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A list of great articles, blog posts, and books for learning XQuery
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Learn XQuery: A list of great articles, blog posts, and books for learning XQuery

Let's show the world how to learn XQuery. Pull requests welcome. Quality over comprehensiveness - just the best, most helpful resources, please. Talk about #xquery on Twitter.

Also, check out these resources powered by XQuery, repositories with XQuery on GitHub, and questions about XQuery on Stack Overflow.

Gentle introductions

Materials from XQuery courses

In-depth introductions

Some people can learn languages by reading online tutorials. Some people like to dive into a book, or have one on their shelf for reference.

  • XQuery, 2nd Edition: Search Across a Variety of XML Data, Priscilla Walmsley, O'Reilly 2015. The standard text for XQuery, updated for XQuery 3.1. Also introduces functx. Doesn't cover the topic of building applications with XQuery; this is out of scope.
  • eXist: A NoSQL Document Database and Application Platform, Erik Siegel and Adam Retter, 2014. If Walmsley is limited to the language, Siegel and Retter coherently introduce approaches to building applications with one popular XQuery-based platform, eXist. Example code for the book is on GitHub.
  • XQuery from the Experts, A bit dated (2003), and only available second-hand, but its coverage of the concepts and purpose and role of the language makes it more than just a tutorial or reference manual.

The specs

Latest developments in XQuery

Thought pieces situating XQuery in the world

More tutorials

Documentation from XQuery implementations about their use of XQuery

In depth articles on conformance to / divergence from the spec, and links to key articles and documentation:

Mailing lists, forums

Other lists of XQuery learning materials

  • XQuery, from "XML / Database Links", by Ronald Bourret. Last updated 2011 but still useful.
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