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XQuery Power: A list of resources built on or with XQuery

Let's show the world where XQuery is used. Pull requests welcome. Please keep the lists alphabetized. Talk about #xquery on Twitter.

Also, check out this list of resources for learning XQuery, repositories with XQuery on GitHub, and questions about XQuery on Stack Overflow.

These sites run on XQuery-powered servers

These sites use XQuery behind the scenes

For example, in the preparation of materials...

  • Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe in a Global Context”. Uses eXist to store collections of MODS (bibliographical) and VRA (image metadata) records. We have developed two open source applications for this, Tamboti and Ziziphus, where our records can be searched and edited.
  • ICIS: The world's largest petrochemical market information provider, with fast-growing energy and fertilizer divisions. Uses MarkLogic as its XML datastore, and all data crunching is written in XQuery.
  • MARC to BIBFRAME Transformation Service: Transforms MARCXML to BIBFRAME representation. Source:
  • Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center (TBRC): The world’s single largest collection of Tibetan texts—nearly 10 million scanned pages and over 11,000 Unicode Tibetan texts. provides online access to over 4,000 users via an Ajax client written in Google Web Toolkit as a front-end to eXist.
  • Original English content, data, and research on baseball players in Asia.

These software products are powered by XQuery processors

  • easyDITA: The world’s only DITA CMS with a fully-collaborative XML editor, allowing you to create, manage, review, and publish your content to any channel, in any language, for any audience. Embeds eXist for XML storage and querying.
  • LegisPro: A web-enabled software platform for legislative and regulatory drafting. Facilitates efficient rulemaking by combining the ease a word processor with the sophistication of an XML editor. Embeds eXist for XML storage and querying.
  • XQuery Content Management Library (XCM): A project to develop content management applications with features such as workflow management, semi-structured content editing, form generation, and e-mail output engine. Uses eXist. The case tracker pilot project is a demonstration application built with the XCM library which can be used as a sacffold to create new applications.


A list of resources built on or with XQuery







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