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# Schedule some code to run after everything else
# When coroutines finish, they return control to their parent.
# The top-level coroutine doesn't have a parent, so the process
# ends when it returns. By explicitly setting a parent we can
# schedule code to run after the top-level scope completes.
Defer := Object clone
Defer defer := method(
Scheduler waitForCorosToComplete
"Run at the end" println
Defer @defer
# TODO can we guarantee that the last yielding coro is the one
# we just created?
currentCoro setParentCoroutine(Scheduler yieldingCoros last)
# Some other async code, just for testing
O := Object clone
O somethingAsync := method(wait(1); "somethingAsync is done!" println)
"some program code here" println
O @somethingAsync