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A file busing system for integration with Hadoop
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fbus - A file busing system


FBus is a file bussing system based on Spring and Spring Integration. This project is extremely experimental and is meant to:

  • Demonstrate one way to integration Hadoop / HDFS with existing systems using file system queues.
  • Scratch an itch.

The hope is that people find this useful as both an example and a project. If this is true, development will continue.


This is a Maven project and can be built by running mvn assembly:assembly. A number of artifacts will be available in the target directory including a jar without the dependencies and one with the dependencies included.

The Spring Source bundle repository is used for Spring dependencies. The (currently unpublished) Cloudera repository is used for Hadoop and its dependencies. Specifically, this builds against CDH3u3. Some dependencies are pulled from Maven Central, but this will move to the Spring Source repository to reduce potential metadata issues.


See the example configuration fbus.xml in src/test/resources for a sample of how to wire together various components. Additional docs forthcoming.


E. Sammer -

Copyright / License / Disclaimer

This code is released under the Apache Software License. While some package names contain the name "Cloudera," this software is unsupported by Cloudera. I just happened to work there and needed a unique package space to use during development.

Absolutely everything is subject to change and comes without warranty.

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