Chef recipes and rake tasks for building and managing Delayed Job workers on EC2
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Satellite Setup

This repo is a companion to the blog post Beyond Heroku: "Satellite" Delayed Job Workers on EC2. See that page for a more complete walk-through of how it's used.

These files will require modification to be relevant to your environment. In particular:

  • config/heroku.yml: your own shared environment variables, including AWS credentials
  • lib/tasks/satellite.rake: KEY_NAME, IMAGE_ID, FLAVOR_ID
  • config/satellite/cookbooks/example_app/recipes/deploy.rb: git repo
  • config/satellite/cookbooks/example_app/files/default/authorized_keys: any keys for SSH authorization
  • config/satellite/cookbooks/example_app/files/id_dsa: a new private key, authorized for the git repo
  • references to example_app throughout should be updated with your app name

(c) 2012, Inc.