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Name: bytestring-delta
Synopsis: Simple, fast binary diff/patch
Compute a patch between two ByteStrings which can later be applied to the
first to produce the second. This can be used to save bandwidth and disk
space when many strings differing by a small number of bytes need to be
transmitted or stored.
The underlying implementation is written in C, and can also be found at
Currently, a patch does not save any space when two strings differ by
more than 1000 bytes. This arbitrary limit serves to keep applications
from spiking in memory and CPU usage, as the algorithm uses quadratic
space and time with respect to the length of the patch. A better
algorithm may be introduced in a future version of bytestring-delta.
License: MIT
License-file: LICENSE
Author: Joey Adams
Copyright: Copyright (c) Joseph Adams 2011
Category: Data
Build-type: Simple
Extra-source-files: bdelta.c bdelta.h Tests.hs
Cabal-version: >=1.6
source-repository head
type: git
location: git://
Exposed-modules: Data.ByteString.Delta
Build-depends: base >= 4 && < 5, bytestring
Build-tools: hsc2hs
Extensions: CPP, ForeignFunctionInterface
GHC-Options: -Wall -fno-warn-unused-imports
C-Sources: bdelta.c
Include-Dirs: .