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A C++ Implementation of the Active Record Pattern
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ActiveRecord - a C++ implementation of the Active Record pattern.

Databases supported:

  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite


See the file

Quick Start Guide

Here's a Hello World! example, that saves a record to the database, and retrieves it:

#include <active_record/type.h>
#include <active_record/base.h>
#include <active_record/connection.h>
#include <active_record/query.h>
#include <iostream>

using namespace ActiveRecord;

class Greeting: public ActiveRecord::Base< Greeting > {
  static Table table( Connection * connection ) {
    Table td( connection, "greetings" );
    td.fields() = fields
                  ( "salute",   ActiveRecord::text )
                  ( "thing",    ActiveRecord::text )
                  ( "language", ActiveRecord::text );
    return td;

AR_DECLARE( Greeting )

int main( int argc, const char *argv[] ) {
  Connection connection;
  connection.connect( options
                      ( "adapter", "sqlite" )
                      ( "database", "greetings.sqlite3" ) );
  Greeting::setup( &connection );
  Greeting greeting( attributes
                  ( "salute", "Hello" )
                  ( "thing", "World" )
                  ( "language", "English" ) );;

  Greeting greeting1( 1 );
  cout << "In " << greeting1[ "language" ] << " you say:" << endl;
  cout << "'" << greeting1[ "salute" ] << " " << greeting1[ "thing" ] << "!'" << endl;

  return 0;

Development and Tests

See the file

Other information

  • Usage
    • See the examples directory
  • Documentation
    • See the doc directory
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