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This repo contains chef recipes I use to set up my personal computers.

Install to a Remote Computer


  • there must be an existing user with sudo privileges on the computer,
  • ths computer must be running an SSH server.


Pre-define Required Values (optional)

If you may be running the install many times, this step avoids you having to retype all the necessary information each time.

. bin/

The above predefines the following:

  • host name or IP,
  • existing user,
  • existing user's password,
  • new user,
  • new user's password.


$ bin/push-install

Install locally


sudo apt-get install git-core zsh ruby rubygems
sudo gem install --no-ri --no-rdoc bundler chef net-ssh
cd ~
git clone git:// .home-cooking
cd .home-cooking
bundle install --path vendor/bundle
cp attributes.js.template attributes.js
cp chef-solo.rb.template chef-solo.rb

If you do not have bundler:

$ (sudo) gem install net-ssh

Edit attributes.js and chef-solo-rb, inserting user name.

sudo bundle exec chef-solo -c chef-solo.rb -j attributes.js -u root


sudo gem install --no-ri --no-rdoc chef net-ssh
sudo chef-solo -c osx-chef-solo.rb -j attributes.js -u root -g wheel


Check if installed files have been changed, and view diffs:

home_cooking check

View diffs of all installed files compared to templates:

home_cooking diff

Stamp unstamped files:

home_cooking stamp

Restamp all files:

home_cooking stamp --all