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when trying to execute this code

latitude = 40.740614
longitude = -73.924723
puts SunTimes.set(, latitude, longitude).localtime

I get this error:

sun_times.rb:42:in set': private methodcalculate' called for #SunTimes:0x007fc374c3b470 (NoMethodError)

I tried running the example code provided in the documentation, pasted below, and got the same error.

day =, 3, 8)
latitude = 43.779
longitude = 11.432
puts SunTimes.set(day, latitude, longitude)

joeyates closed this in e25d596 Feb 20, 2014


joeyates commented Feb 20, 2014

Hello, thanks for opening the issue.

There were two problems:

  1. The class methods were calling the wrong methods internally,
  2. The class methods themselves are deprecated - I've updated the README accordingly.
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